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I was awarded my shiatsu diploma after more than three years of training in early 2017. Since then I have been working as a fully qualified and registered shiatsu practitioner in Vienna and Lower Austria. I offer shiatsu treatments and massages in German, English and Spanish. 

Shiatsu is a form of bodywork which has its roots in Japan and China. It builds on principles and concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Comfortable pressure is applied to specific points. The method also includes stretching, mobilisation and manipulation of joints. The shiatsu practitioner aims to adjust the client's physical structure and balance the energy flow. This stimulates the body's own healing response. Shiatsu helps clear blockages in body and mind. Shiatsu also tonifies the inner organs, gently opens up the joints and stretches the muscles. It helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate, promotes muscle nutrition, enhances skin glow, improves cellular circulation and much more.

In addition, fascia is released all over the body. This is a web of connective tissue which surrounds all our muscles, bones, internal organs and nerves. It allows our body tissues to slide freely over each other. Restrictions arising due to lack of exercise, surgery or trauma can lead to pain. Related techniques aim to release these restrictions and free up the fascia. 

Clients can expect to receive relief from the following symptoms, among others: headaches and migraines, digestive imbalances, stress and anxiety, muscle aches and tensions, pain and depression. 

After a treatment, shiatsu clients will feel more relaxed and energetic at the same time. Regular treatments will help maintain good health and can alleviate symptoms associated with stress. Shiatsu given at regular intervals leads to long-term improvements in all of these and many other conditions at the physical, emotional and mental level.

During the treatment, clients will remain fully clothed.


To make an appointment or get more information please find my contact details (telephone, email) here (Anfrage). You have the choice between two shiatsu practice locations: in 1080 and 1170 Vienna, home visits are also available on request. Languages: German, English and Spanish. For prices, click here. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


More info:

For more information on shiatsu in English see related websites such as those of the Shiatsu Society and the Glasgow School of Shiatsu.

Various research-based studies have been conducted on the effects of shiatsu, this is a summary of these studies with links from different countries: see Shiatsu Research Network.

One study from Austria needs to be highlighted here: "Decision-making in Shiatsu bodywork: complementariness of embodied coupling and conceptual inference". (Quote from the abstract: "We use decision-making in Shiatsu practice – a bodywork method that employs hands-on interaction with a client – to showcase how the two types of cognitive resources can mesh and offer alternative paths to a task: 'Local' resources such as embodied presence, empathy, attunement, as well as skilled perception-action coupling are not only central for implementing a successful therapeutic intervention. The immediate coupling with a client also offers basic means of deciding about fitting and meaningful interventions.")



Michael Reiterer te da la bienvenida a su página web. Además de ejercer mi labor de traductor de inglés en Viena y Baja Austria, me he ido formando y capacitando como terapeuta de shiatsu hasta conseguir en 2017 mi diploma oficial de shiatsu. Desde entonces, ofrezco sesiones de shiatsu en alemán, inglés y también en ESPAÑOL (también en Viena y Baja Austria).

El shiatsu es una terapía manual que tiene sus raíces en Japón y China. Está basado en conceptos de la medicina china tradicional (MCT) y los principios de la acupuntura. Busca armonizar el cuerpo, las emociones y la mente a través del contacto. Shiatsu - presión con los dedos - armoniza los canales de energía gracias a esa digitopuntura respetuosa y sensible, que puede producir unos efectos profundos en el estado de los clientes

El método shiatsu ofrece valioso apoyo en el caso de los siguientes síntomas: estados de agotamiento, durante períodos de crisis, insomnio, dolor de cabeza, de nuca o de espalda, problemas de digestión etc. - y es, además, ideal para personas de todas las edades.

La terapia de shiatsu se recibe siempre de forma completamente vestida, a ser posible con ropa cómoda. 

Después del tratamiento, las personas se sienten más relajadas y, al mismo tiempo, con más vitalidad y energía.

Para más información en español sobre el shiatsu, puedes consultar, por ejemplo, el siguiente sitio web: APSE - Asociación de Profesionales de Shiatsu de España.

Espero escuchar de tí cuanto antes. Aquí encontrarás mis datos de contacto y aquí los precios. Actualmente, puedes disfrutar de sesiones de shiatsu en mis centros para terapias en los distritos 8 y 17 de Viena, aunque también es posible acordar una sesión a domicilio.

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